2015 Top Primary School


Last Updated: Jan 05, 2016

2015 Top Primary School

With the Singapore Ministry Of Education (MOE) steering away from the ranking of schools, this still does not stop parents from trying to gather information from all over to do a comparison for themselves. To prevent parents placing over emphasis on academic grades, MOE has stopped publishing the top scoring and least scoring aggregate points of pupils in each cohort year since 2013. An online portal came up with the following table of top primary school scorers on 26 Nov 2015, a day after the PSLE results were announced. Albeit unofficial, it is still a good guide for those parents who need a source of direction in order to consider which school they would like to place their child in.

2015 Top Scoring Primary Schools
2015 Top Primary School – Credits: math problem sum

What is T-score?

The T-score is affected significantly by the average score of the whole cohort of students and the standard deviation. As a guide, if a particular year’s exam is more difficult, it means the cohort’s scores will be weaker. This will move a student’s T-score upwards and in turn, it will also improve his aggregate score.

Here’s the formulae to work out the T-score of a student:

PSLE T-Score Formulae
PSLE T-Score Formulae





X = Raw score of pupil
Y = Average score of the whole cohort
Z = Standard Deviation (SD) [SD refers to the spread of the marks amongst the average]

Here’s an idea what the standard deviation is:
EG 1: Four students have Science scores of 35, 51, 49 and 65
Average score is 50

EG2: Four students have Science scores of 20, 40, 60 and 80
Average score is 50

Though in both examples, the average score is 50 but EG1 has a smaller spread compared to EG2.
In EG1, the difference of each individual student’s score to the cohort’s average score is small, that is, compare 35 to the average of 50, 51 to the average of 50, 49 to the average of 50 and 65 to the average of 50. The spread is not large.

In EG2, the difference of each student’s score as compared to the cohort’s average score is larger.


How to calculate the T-score?

Song Yi’s grades for Science: 85
Cohort’s average score for Science: 70
Standard Deviation (SD): 15

T = 50 + 10 x (85-70) / 15

T = 50 + 10 x (15) / 15

T = 50 + 10

T = 60


How to calculate the Aggregate Score?

Song Yi’s aggregate score: Table A

Subject Total Score Raw Score Cohort’s Average Score SD T-score
English 200 160 125 30 61.67
2nd Language 200 150 120 35 58.57
Science 100 85 70 15 60
Mathematics 100 90 65 30 58.33
Aggregate Score 238


As mentioned earlier, when the cohort is weaker in a particular year or when the exam is tougher, the average score of subjects will drop. When this happens, the T-score of a student will improve and thus leading to an increase in his/her aggregate score.

Take for example we drop the cohort’s average score for every subject while Song Yi’s Raw Score remains the same for all subjects in Table A. See following Table B for illustration:

Song Yi’s aggregate score: Table B

Subject Total Score Raw Score Cohort’s Average Score SD T-score
English 200 160 115 30 65
2nd Language 200 150 110 35 61.43
Science 100 85 65 15 63.33
Mathematics 100 90 60 30 60
Aggregate Score 250

From Table B, we witness that Song Yi’s aggregate score improves significantly.


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