30 Months Minimum Stay For P1 Registration

30 Months Minimum Stay For P1 Registration
Credits : ST 25 May 2015

Children who have been registered by their parents under the home-school distance priority privilege scheme will have to stay in the address that they registered in for 30 months. This means that the P1 students who register for the 2016 intake must stay in their declared address for 30 months once they start their P1. However, for children who will only be moving into their completed apartments at a later date, for example in 2017, they need to stay in the address declared for 30 months from the date that they move in. This is to ensure the convenience of the student while they are studying in the registered school. This rule applies to the upcoming batch of P1 registration this 2 July 2015 and henceforth. The Ministry of Education reserves the right to relocate the children to other schools with vacancies if this priority scheme which they registered for has not been abide.

On a separate note, for parents who are planning to buy under-construction new homes within proximity to the primary school of their choice for their current little tots, you may look out for homes that would complete within 2 years of your child entering P1. For example, if your child has to register by 2017 for enrollment into 2018 P1 class, the uncompleted home that you buy now has to be completed before the end of 2019.

To look for suitable developments to buy which are near the school of your choice for your school-going child, check out New Condo Launch Online portal for your desired location.


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