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Dive into the heart of luxury with Orchard, Singapore, the quintessential blend of urban splendour and peaceful residential elegance. Nestled in District 9, one of Singapore's most prestigious zones, Orchard stands tall as a beacon of the nation’s opulence. More than just glitzy malls and skyscrapers, it offers a tapestry of experiences, each more enticing than the last.

Choosing a new condo in Orchard is more than a property purchase; it's a statement, an affirmation of a lifestyle that revels in refinement, convenience, and a touch of the extraordinary. The allure of Orchard goes beyond its well-lit streets and global brands. It’s in the pulse of its avenues, the silent charm of its green pockets, and the promise of a life that’s the epitome of cosmopolitan living.

Condo prices in Orchard reflect not just the luxury of the structures but also the value of living in such a pivotal district. When one considers investing in a condo in Orchard, they're not just buying a home; they're acquiring a piece of Singapore’s heart, ensconced in history, luxury, and a future of endless potential. Dive deeper with us into the appeal of Orchard and discover a life of unparalleled opulence.

The Heartbeat of Orchard: Amenities and Facilities

Orchard seamlessly blends metropolitan allure with a rich array of amenities, crafting a lifestyle that's anything but ordinary for every new condo resident.

Unparalleled Retail and Culinary Delights

Singapore's renowned Orchard Road stands as a testament to upscale shopping and dining. With landmark malls such as ION Orchard and Ngee Ann City, shopping in Orchard goes beyond mere retail – it’s an experience. The condo prices in Orchard are a reflection of this exclusivity. Between these shopping titans, a myriad of restaurants serve delectable dishes, taking residents and visitors alike on a culinary adventure that celebrates Singapore's diverse culture.

Foundations of Education and Healthcare

Orchard's charm extends to nurturing young minds and ensuring robust health. Families investing in a new condo in Orchard find solace knowing institutions like River Valley Primary School, Alexandra Primary School, and Crescent Girls’ School are just around the corner. Paired with top-tier medical establishments like Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Orchard prioritises both learning and wellness.

Nature’s Refuge Amidst Urban Splendour 

Orchard surprises with verdant retreats amidst its urban maze. These oases of calm offer residents rejuvenating escapes from city life. Whether it's a tranquil evening stroll, an invigorating morning run, or delightful picnics, Orchard’s green nooks provide the perfect backdrop, ensuring life remains harmoniously balanced.

Orchard’s Transport Matrix

Nestled at the heart of Singapore, Orchard embodies the essence of connectivity. For those considering a new condo in Orchard, unparalleled access awaits. Strategically flanked by major expressways – the CTE, PIE, and AYE – reaching any part of Singapore becomes a breezy drive. But the luxury doesn't stop at roadways. Residents are treated to the convenience of the Orchard MRT Station, an integral part of the North-South Line, mere steps away from their homes. This ensures that the bustling Central Business District (CBD) and its myriad opportunities are just a swift commute away. And with the horizon hinting at new MRT stations in Orchard's future, it's evident that this district is poised to further cement its status as Singapore’s premier connectivity hub. Those pondering over the condo prices should see it as an investment in an unmatched lifestyle of ease and accessibility, right in the core of Singapore.

Upcoming Developments 

The skyline of Orchard is continuously redefining the benchmarks of luxury, and recent developments have shown it's set to soar even higher. A prime example is the Skyline @ Orchard Boulevard, a freehold luxury development by Far East Organization. In February, it celebrated a landmark deal when a four-bedroom unit was sold for a groundbreaking price of $5,371 per square foot. As condo prices evolve, another outstanding upcoming development is the Orchard Boulevard Condo Mixed Development. This luxury condo, located in the heart of Orchard Road, offers an unparalleled living experience complete with modern design, top-tier amenities, and prime accessibility. Its close proximity to world-class shopping malls like Ion Orchard, Paragon, and Ngee Ann City further amplifies its allure.

For those eyeing the future potential of new condos in Orchard, the time seems ripe for investment. As these developments promise not only opulence but also a strategic location with seamless connectivity, it's clear that Orchard's horizon holds untold promise for the astute investor.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy a New Condo in Orchard?

When venturing into the upscale property market of Orchard, one can't help but notice the appeal of the new condo developments. These properties epitomise luxury and convenience in Singapore's heart. Consider, for example, the pristine units at Irwell Hill Residences. With prices spanning from S$2,520 to S$4,253 per square foot, it beautifully showcases the premium attached to condo price ranges in this elite district. But as any savvy investor knows, in the realms of real estate, the value proposition often matches the price, especially in coveted locales. In the case of Orchard’s condo offerings, the elegance and centrality that come with the investment are genuinely unmatched.

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Development Name Address Tenure Launch Date Type Price Range Square Feet
Kopar @ Newton 6,8 Makeway Avenue 99 Years 2020 1 Bedroom $1,468,000 - $1,531,000 517sqft - 517sqft
Irwell Hill Residences
8 and 10 Irwell Bank Road,
99 Years
1 Bedroom $1,647,000 - $1,689,000 624sqft - 646sqft
2 Bedrooms $1,938,000 - $1,988,000 721sqft - 764sqft
Penthouse $9,452,000 - $11,080,000 2,228sqft - 2,605sqft
Klimt Cairnhill
71 Cairnhill Road
2 Bedrooms $2,650,000 - $3,180,000 829sqft - 893sqft
3 Bedrooms $5,000,000 - $5,680,000 1,432sqft - 1,496sqft
Boulevard 88 86, 88 Orchard Boulevard Freehold 2019 2 Bedrooms $4,785,000 - $5,411,400 1,313sqft - 1,313sqft
3 Orchard By The Park
3 Orchard Boulevard
2 Bedrooms $3,837,600 - $3,837,600 1,066sqft - 1,066sqft
3 Bedrooms $10,045,287 - $11,106,900 2,583sqft - 2,583sqft
Orchard Sophia
128, 130 Sophia Road
Aug 2023
1 Bedroom $1,230,000+ 441sqft - 484sqft
2 Bedrooms $1,620,000+ 559sqft - 710sqft
3 Bedrooms $2,100000+ 710sqft - 840sqft

Frequently Asked Questions About New Condos in Orchard

While there are certain regulations for landed properties, foreigners are generally allowed to buy condo units in Singapore, including the prime Orchard district. It’s recommended to consult with a property agent for the specifics.

Your choice should align with your lifestyle and future aspirations. Consider factors like proximity to work, educational institutions, amenities, future developments in the area, and of course, your budget. Engaging with a knowledgeable property agent can offer clarity and direction.

Begin with thorough research. Understand the market in Singapore, consult with property experts, and ensure your finances are in order. A trusted property agent, with in-depth knowledge of the condo market in Orchard, can be your biggest ally in ensuring a smooth purchase journey.

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