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New Condo Launch

We take pride in providing updated and useful information on new condo Singapore launches. Whether you are looking for a new condo as your dream home or making a discerning investment decision, you have come to the right place!

Buying a new launch condo in Singapore is a big-ticket item. It is thus important that that you are armed with the most comprehensive and updated information on the new launches available. With the large selection of Singapore condos, it can be confusing to pick the new condo that gives you best value for money. Does the new condo Singapore launch fit your requirements in terms of location, convenience, prestige, potential future capital gain and/or rental yields? Sharp-suited estate agents naturally promote aggressively the new Singapore condo that they are marketing. Do you easily fall prey to them? Are you equipped with the critical queries to match your requirements? Do these estate professionals provide you with the most accurate information? Do they deliberately hide less attractive features and/or withhold information on the new launch condo?

For example, many buyers and investors are still very fixated with the idea that a freehold Singapore new condo launch is definitely far more superior than a 99-year leasehold one. While certainly this is true to a certain extent, is not always the case. Leasehold Singapore new launch can command a premium if the location is a sought-after one. One critical aspect for a new condo to fetch high price is its proximity to an MRT station. It has been proven that the presence of a MRT station greatly enhances the demand of a new Singapore condominium. So would you invest in a freehold new condo launch that is not so well located, or in a leasehold one that has an MRT station under its nose?

In the Singapore property market, ask any tenants what is their top priority in choosing a condo, you will get a unanimous answer that convenience, particularly nearness to a MRT station is indeed one of the most important factors.

Having said that, however, a freehold Singapore new launch definitely has its appeal, simply because it IS a freehold property that can be passed down to the next generation. Also, there are not that many freehold new condos in Singapore; so if you are buying one for you own stay, and with little or no consideration for public transport, a freehold new launch Singapore may be your pick.

As such, it may not be that straight forward to make a decision between the 2 poles, but if you are equipped with the appropriate knowledge, your decision making process in buying a new condo launch in the Singapore property market becomes more certain.

While you will find very useful information and tips in buying a new condo launch, an important consideration is your budget. We all love to have our cake and eat it. In reality however, most of us do not have a bottomless pocket. So much as you have cast your eyes on a new condo for sale in Singapore, you may have to give it a miss if it is going to be too much of a financial stretch for you. Then you will to accept some compromises and settle for the next best alternative. The question then is - what are you prepared to forgo to eventually pick your new condo launch? Fear not. The information provided by us will naturally assist you greatly in making your final decision.

In a survey conducted in October 2016, respondents have expressed preference for private property to be in the range of $1 million and less than $1.5 million. This is followed by the next lower range which is between $500,,000 to less than $1 million. A check on the caveats lodged with the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) attests to this fact. Such is the current Singapore condo price trend and demand due to the government's effort to stabilise the red hot Singapore property market which has been bullish for the past few years. In anticipation of a property bubble or real estate bubble, several cooling measures have been introduced with the latest measures being the additional buyers stamp duty (ABSD) and the total debt servicing ratio (TDSR) curb.

Another point to note in the survey is that respondents have a slightly higher preference for new condo launch homes that are uncompleted over completed condo for sale in Singapore that are less than 5 years old.

And the top two most important criteria in selecting a Singapore condo for sale are its nearness to the city centre and having a good range of facilities.

Once again, be assured that we provide professional and useful information on the Singapore property market, particularly when you are seriously looking for a new condo Singapore launch. While we strive to provide the most accurate updates, truth is that the market condition is a fast-paced moving target. Rest assured that we will strive to ensure that the information provided is as accurate as it can be at the time of posting.