Farrer Park HDB Site To Have 1,600 flats & New Sports Centre


Last Updated: May 14, 2022

On 25th April 2022, it was announced that an estimated 1,600 new Build-To-Order (BTO) flats will be constructed on a 10 hectare Farrer Park HDB site. This will be integrated with recreation and sports facilities which includes a new sports centre. The site is equivalent to approximately nineteen soccer fields. It is within walking distance to 2 nearby MRT stations namely Little India MRT and Farrer Park MRT stations. Convenient amenities like the KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital and the Tekka Market are located a short distance away.

Farrer Park HDB Site:

Farrer Park HDB Site


Approximately one-fifth (20%) of the site will be set aside as open spaces for recreational and sports uses, and there is 1.2 hectares of central green space in homage to the area’s extensive sporting history.

The ex-boxing gym building will be conserved and transformed into a multi-functional sporting space for the community. This building will be merged with the HDB development.

The multi-storey car park will have a dedicated sports facility on the ground floor.

Among the other amenities are three-generation playgrounds and fitness corners for children to play and elderly to exercise.

The various facilities will be connected by a jogging track.

A childcare centre and commercial shops will also be part of the housing development.

Sadly, the Farrer park Swimming Complex, an iconic feature of that estate will not remain. In its place will be a new sports centre having its own sporting facilities and swimming pool.

Retaining Sporting Identitiy Of Farrer Park

Suggestions have been taken from the Friends of Farrer Park group, members of the heritage community, sports community as well as residents in the area, on retaining the area’s sporting identity.

By revitalizing Farrer Park, new residents will be attracted to make this estate their home, as well as use the park and its sporting facilities. Hence, maintaining the sporting history of Farrer Park while serving the larger community. As much as possible, the character of Farrer Park sporting facilities will be interwoven into the new sports centre.

Sporting History Of Farrer Park HDB Site:

Year Event
1956 Farrer Park Athletics Centre was built
1957 Farrer Park Swimming Complex, 8 tennis courts and a boxing gym were built

Famous Sports Athletics in Farrer Park

  • Ang Peng Siong, Singapore’s national swimmer: was a resident in Farrer Park. He is in charge of APS Swim School at the then swimming complex
  • Glory Barnabas, Singapore’s national sprinter: collected 8 medals in the South-east Asian Peninsular (SEAP) Games in 1967, 1969 & 1973. A number of athletes have been advocating for the area’s sporting heritage to be preserved since news broke of a housing development proposal in 2018. Speculations are rife that the prime location public housing (PLH) model will be built on the Farrer Park HDB site. Approximately 800 metres from this site is the recently announced location of the first PLH model. It is at Rochor Road called River Peaks I and II. The PLH model is under strict selling and buying criteria, has a 10-year minimum occupation period (MOP) and a 6% subsidy clawback at sale.A new Singapore condominium, Piccadilly Grand by CDL and MCL Land is located adjacent to this Farrer Park HDB Site. This Singapore condo is a mixed-use development with 407 residential apartments built atop first level commercial shops. Piccadilly Grand is directly linked to the Farrer Park MRT station and City Square Mall is also seamlessly linked via the underground tunnel. With the North-South Corridor in the works and accessible near Little India, transportation convenience is greatly enhanced and travelling shortened.

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Question: How many flats will Farrer Park HDB site have?
Answer: Farrer Park HDB site will have approximately 1,600 flats.

Question: Farrer Park HDB site is near to which MRT station?
Answer: Farrer Park HDB site is near to Farrer Park MRT station and Little India MRT station.

Question: What amenities are there at the Farrer Park HDB site?
Answer: The amenities at the Farrer Park HDB site include a dedicated sports facility, three-generation playgrounds, fitness corners, jogging track, childcare centre and commercial shops.

Question: How far is the Farrer Park HDB site from the Rochor Road prime location public housing (PLH) model?
Answer: Farrer Park HDB site is approximately 800 metres away from the Rocher Road prime location public housing (PLH) model.

Question: Which new condo is near Farrer Park HDB site?
Answer: Launched in April 2022, Piccadilly Grand & Piccadilly Galleria developed by CDL and MCL Land are located near the Farrer Park HDB site.

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