Hot New Condo Launches For 1st Half 2022


Last Updated: Apr 01, 2022

The news articles bring to you hot new condo launches in the first half of 2022 (H1 2022) which you should seriously consider purchasing instead of waiting and hoping that land prices will drop. With raw materials increasing in cost, chances of private property prices going south is wishful thinking, to say the least.

Hot New Condo Launches In First Half 2022 a
Hot New Condo Launches In First Half 2022 b


Summary Of Property Highlights For The Above 2 News Articles:

  • 1. Two rounds of ABSD cooling measures on 06/06/2018 and 16/12/2021 have not deterred developers from going for more land acquisitions from GLS (Government Land Sales) and even more en bloc sites.
  • 2. En bloc sites are returning to the market after low supply of GLS sites as Singapore has VERY LIMITED land.
  • 3. 75% New Developments from the Primary Market after the 2nd quarter of year 2022 comes from the RCR (Rest of Core Region) and OCR (Outside Core Region).
  • 4. Concentration of New Developments are mainly from the East and North-Eastern parts of Singapore in the matured estates.
  • 5. 7-years Property Cycle is estimated to start from Year 2022. Hence, 2022 is predicted to be the “best time” to come into the property market with the start of the cycle being this year as reported.
  • New Condos In 2022:

    In particular, the 5 new upcoming Singapore condo launches with more than 100 units in each development to look out for in H1 2022 are namely:

    Hope this summary from the news articles can give you some insights on the local property market.

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