Dyson AM07 Fan

[caption id="attachment_5828" align="aligncenter" width="680"]House Matters Dyson Fan Dyson AM07 Fan[/caption] There are fans and there are fans but this one is totally fantastic. It was initially a tough decision on whether or not to purchase such an expensive product when there are many fans out there that cost a lot less. Albeit a reluctant decision, I've decided to throw all cautions to the wind and lay my money down on this sleek piece of technology. And yes, the patented air multiplier technology proves to be a winner. It quickens the drawing in of surrounding air via an annular aperture and in turn projects strong and smooth airflow. Cleaning is a breeze as there are no cage-like covers or hard to clean corners. The entire product is fuss-free as the surface is smooth and flat and there are no covers to take off. A few wipes with a damn cloth in under 3 minutes is all it takes to keep your Dyson fan clean. Once a week of vacuuming the bottom section of the fan where the air vents are located will keep the fan in tip top condition. It is noticeably quieter and it seems 10% less energy is consumed compared to an earlier version AM02. I like the fact that its body is so slim, you can place the Dyson fan in a tight corner without obstructing anyone's way. Instead, it stands out as a creative piece to dress up an empty space, just like a picture frame on an empty wall. If you have little kids at home, it is always a worry whether they will so fascinated with rotating blades in fans that they attempt to stick their little fingers into them. With a Dyson fan, it is totally bladeless. Assembly of the unit is most easy as there are only three parts to this item - the circular base, the motor cylinder and the oval top. Click them into place, plug it into the socket and you will be enjoying your quiet and cool moments. Is a Dyson fan worth its value? I bought it at a road show in a Singapore shopping mall for S$499. I would love to think that I bought it at a Great Singapore Sale discount since it is June now and we always have this sort of mid-year sale. I recalled it was sold in other malls at S$7xx+ and they claimed that was a promotional price. Anyhow, I had absolutely no idea if this piece of expensive item was going to outperform its other cheaper cousins in terms of functionality. I admit I was drawn magnetically to it first because of its unique design and second, its bladeless concept. I have been using it for a day now. The air that comes out of it isn't any more powerful than other fans but it is considerably quieter. I have been told by the sales staff that prolonged usage in front of the Dyson fan will not make my eyes go terribly dry. Anyhow, I think I will grow to like it even more when it is time to clean it. And I do believe that you have to pay for effort put into research to produce such a wonderful piece of technology. So, for those who have just moved to a new public housing, new launch condo, new cluster house or new landed property, you may just want to invest in a sleek piece of technology. You won't be disappointed. House Matters Dyson AM07 FanHouse Matters Dyson Cool

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