Tengah To Become A Forest Town

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Last Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Tengah To Become A Forest Town

For many Singaporeans, especially males who grew up in the 80s or earlier, the very mention of “Tengah” conjures up nothing but military skewed images…Tengah Air Base and Army Supply formations are military units that are synonymous with Tengah. And not forgetting the relatively vast vegetation landscape that many a NS soldier would have stepped on!


Tengah Forest Town
Credits: MND

However, in land-hungry Singapore, Tengah will soon be transformed into an exciting and modern residential estate covering an area of 700ha, roughly the size of 120 football fields put together. It will be as big as our current Bishan estate comprising 5 housing districts with individual theme. Future residents of Tengah will be neighbours to nature but more importantly, this estate will be the first town centre that is car-free.


The pioneer batch of Housing Development Board (HDB) houses will begin in 2018 and further development will continue for the next 20 years, eventually creating more than 40,000 homes, both public and private. It is estimated that 30% of these 40,000 homes will be private residential new launches.


Coined the “Forest Town”, Tengah’s 5 districts will be named Plantation, Garden, Forest Hill, Park and Brickland. These themes are selected to reflect the surroundings of each district thus giving each a specific identity. For example, the first district is Plantation and it will include a farm-way within the enclave, allowing gardening and vegetables planting, hence Plantation.
Key considerations will be incorporated into the Tengah Estate, integrating existing nature into the overall precinct. Waters and vegetation will be carefully preserved to give the whole township a forest corridor-like landscape.


A 20-hectare Central Park will be created in the heart of the town, and will be fused into nearby water bodies to provide water recreation activities. In addition, a 5km-long 100-metre wide Forest Corridor with lush greenery will link the western catchment area to the central nature reserve area. With such big and thoughtful plans in the making, Tengah Estate is all about a residential development that boasts of nature in the backyard!
Last but not least, in a bid to reduce traffic congestion and the accompany carbon footprint, roads and vehicles will run below the town centre, pioneering a car-free estate of Singapore!


Jurong Innovation District at Tengah, Bulim and NTU
Credits: MND

With the birth of Tengah Estate, the full development of the western part of Singapore would have been completed. Complementing Jurong Lake District and Jurong Innovation District, the once-shunned western region will enjoy an all-out makeover, silencing naysayers who saw the region that was once associated with swamps, dilapidation, perilous wooden bridges and decays!





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