Guide to Detecting Defects in a New Condo


Last Updated: Dec 06, 2016

Defects Liability Period


The day has finally arrived for you to take possession of the new condo launch unit! Much is to be anticipated in the months that follow…. what kind of furniture? Colour of curtains? Theme of the kids’ room? Should a fengshui master be engaged? And many exciting questions are going to keep you awake in the nights!

The excitement is indeed understandable. After all, a new condo launch in the Singapore property market doesn’t come cheap. It would be the biggest ticket item up till now!

However, before diving into decorations and theme and the likes, there is one crucial job that needs to be addressed carefully and patiently: looking out for defects within the new condo.

A new condo unit, upon obtaining its TOP status, comes with a Defect Liability Period of exactly one year. In layman’s term, as new owner, you have up to one year to report any construction defects such as hairline cracks on the walls; chipped flooring; uneven glass panels; leaking pipes, etc etc… The developer is obliged to rectify all the defects reported during the one-year period.

Inspect your unit as soon as possible, and definitely before moving in. This to prevent the developer from shirking her responsibility, arguing that the defects were due to damages done after moving into the new condo. Dispute can thus be avoided because the developer has no excuse but to make good the construction defects.

Inspect the unit when it is totally empty. Some new owners may shift their furniture in months before moving in. This will hinder the inspection process as certain defective areas may be blocked with the furniture in place. Thus, in order to spot all the defects, the best is to inspect the unit when it is still bare. In short, do not be in a hurry to bring in your furniture.

Mark all defects prominently, such as using masking tapes and labelling the specific defects with a permanent marker. Take photos of these labels. This may seem anal, but will eliminate any potential arguments.

Be very meticulous and patient. It is wise to have more than one person inspecting the new condo unit. It is also recommended to inspect more than one round. There are bound to be defects missed out in the previous check. So yes, be patient.

Once you are satisfied with the “fault finding” of your new launch condo, submit these defects to the developer via the Defect Form. Be sure to be very precise and as detailed as possible. Once submitted, the developer will have one month to make good these defects. If for some reasons this is not done, you have the freedom to engage your preferred contractor to rectify these faults. Notice would need to be given to the developer, after which an additional 14-day period is given to her to fulfil the obligations. Should there be faults still left unattended after this final period, you are at liberty to proceed with your own contractor and demand a full reimbursement from the developer.

In a nutshell, be extremely meticulous. Have complete clarity with regards the whole procedure. Know your rights as the owner of your new condo unit. After all, you are paying top dollars for a Singapore condo launch!


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